Optimise processes and performance through the use of technologies

In many companies, most of the "easy" gains have been obtained through continuous business optimization in the last decades. We believe that the next gains can only be achieved through innovative and appropriate technologies and service organisations. With our team of SAP experts, we will help you implement the latest ground-breaking technologies from SAP, those that will enable you to constantly outperform the competition, and to get the most of your SAP investment. Our other teams of service-oriented collaborators will then streamline your operations of Maintenance, Change Management, SAP BC Support, etc…supported by our Enhanced Service Management model.
This does not mean that we are pushing the latest fads blindly. We take our responsibilities as consultants very seriously and we will recommend only those solutions that will show a proven ROI, based on your technical and business orientation, and technical maturity. All this will be performed in close collaboration with your teams, respecting your development and maintenance guidelines and adapting at each step to your own plans.

Optimise processes and performance through the use of technologies

Innovation in technology

Business Application such as CRM, BI Reporting, … often appear to be rather mature, with few possibilities of large gains in productivity. However it is now clear that they will have to evolve under the pressure of ever larger data flows, complex ETL procedures, complex analytical calculations, time-intensive queries, …. In fact large vendors have also recognized these trends for several years now, and they have developed new revolutionary technologies to increase performance. Performance is indeed required in all technology domains such as Data Bases with heavy real time analytical processing and calculation, or System Administration with virtualization,  cloud-computing, etc…. Infinite Solutions is investing a lot in these domains to acquire the highest expertize. We are also developing business solutions based on the latest technologies. This is how, by the way, our industrialization methodology could become reality.
We are not afraid to declare ourselves a technology-oriented company, because we believe that technology is the main key to achieve the next round in cost reduction, performance and process optimisation. And we are not alone to press this view:
  • A majority of CEO's and CIO’s have declared performance and technology as high priority for 2013.
SAP has just recently unleashed several technologies that have the potential to transform the market in that sense and we are working hard to become key leaders in those fields.

Innovation in services

We have developed our own Enhanced Service Model featuring :
  • A well-defined strategy & roadmap,
  • Definition of optimisation phases,
  • Built-in Flexibility in order to be able adapt to the customer's evolutions,
  • Highly attractive Service Level & Prices,
With this model, we lay the emphasis on :
  • Service Delivery & Customer Satisfaction,
  • Reversibility of structural changes,
  • Quality of deliverables,
  • Proactivity,
  • Contractual Engagements.