Business Warehouse

The main challenge of organizations today lies in extracting meaningful information out of very large volumes of complex, heterogeneous data.  SAP BW turns this data into real-time analytics, allowing companies to take fast and appropriate decisions. 

The key success factor of an efficient SAP BW application is the ability to make business semantic data continuously accessible from any possible platform. The issue is not so much the volume of data or the required storage space, but rather the speed at which it can be transformed into a semantic layer and its accessibility throughout the company’s landscape.
At Infinite Solutions we believe that data prioritization and a well-structured access policy are the bases on which a successful SAP BW environment can be built. Combined with a streamlined semantic layer, they offer a potent visualization of your information, allowing you to retrieve fast and accurate answers from any granularity of data. As a bonus, your users will be empowered with the possibility of creating  their own analytics whilst being independent of the backend implementation.
An SAP BW environment based on these foundations will become a single point of access for all your business process and business performance related queries!
In the near future, one of the main challenges will be the ability to rapidly deploy tailored solutions in the SAP BW environment. In a market that becomes increasingly more complex, organizations require fast and accurate access to the rapidly growing volumes of data.  Appropriate and timely response to any opportunity or weakness will be the key to success in the ever changing business ecosystem. Infinite Solutions has the tools to help you face this challenge head on!