Landscape Virtualisation Management (LVM)

Infinite Solutions - in close collaboration with SAP - simplifies SAP Basis activities by automating, as much as possible, processes such as   the "Copy", "Clone" and "Refresh" operations on SAP systems. 

Central to this effort is the Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) tool of SAP. With SAP LVM, you can reduce the TCO of managing your SAP landscapes while increasing your business agility.
Today’s system maintenance activities can be very complex and, without automation, some tasks may take days or even weeks to complete. SAP has recognised this problem and, in order to address the challenge, it has evolved an existing internal program into a powerful LVM solution that helps you save time and effort.  Not only does LVM automate processes such as "Clone", "Copy" and "Refresh" but it also :
  • Provides real-time monitoring of your SAP Systems and Infrastructure, and offers customized dashboards to help you visualize your KPI’s. A single centralized management console is available, from where you can encompass and monitor your entire landscape at a glance. 
  • Reduces the operational costs associated with your SAP Solution. 
  • Increases your agility by improving responsiveness to changing business requirements.
  • Reduces the risks of human errors.
  • Boosts your system availability by reducing your planned downtime and increasing your visibility.
  • Promotes Sustainable IT through reduced energy consumption due to optimized use of computing resources.
Infinite Solutions has acquired the necessary expertise and experience to help you implement and use the SAP LVM tool in record time.