How to survive an SAP audit ?

Being ready to face the Audit of your IT system is not easy.  Both in the preparation that precedes it and that affects the organization of the IT teams, as well as in the justification of compliance with the auditor’s rules.
Most of the time, the correction of identified non-conformities alone generates the implementation of a specific project that takes much time and resources and generates additional stress on the teams.  Not to mention the financial risks your company may incur.

In practice, only spot checks are carried out.  Management is almost never done in a preventive manner. As a result, risk coverage is incomplete, and the control process is reactive.

Automating the integration of continuous management into the core processes allows optimal preparation for Audits and, above all, drastically reduces indirect and repetitive costs.

To meet these challenges, organizations need a tool to manage segregation of duties.

ComplianceNow a support tool for your internal audit team?

For the sake of simplicity ComplianceNow has developed a specific solution for companies that use the SAP system and have the ambition to move from the current manual system to an automated control environment.
This solution focuses on the basic processes and functions of risk management.
The solution covers risk management processes such as risk definition, early warnings on role assignment changes, and risk reporting.
The ComplianceNow tools allow you to:

  • Prevent and integrate SAP-related risks
  • To have a management solution
  • Maintain a level of risk maturity for your business
  • To have multiple approaches for individual integration of rules
  • Easily adapt predefined processes
  • To implement quickly, with low complexity and low cost
  • To have an integrated dashboard

You will find all the information on the following link and in our attached brochures

You will find all the information on the following link and in our attached brochures.

How can Infinite Solutions help you?

In addition of being the exclusive distributor of ComplianceNow solutions, Infinite Solutions has developed different service packages to support you in your various missions such as:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Health Check or Maturity Analysis 
  • Security parameters
  • SoD
  • User Data and role cleansing
  • Error Correction
  • Process implementation
  • Maintenance and support

We can help you configure ComplianceNow solutions as well as implement and manage Usermanagement and SoD processes.

Do not hesitate to contact us on for a presentation.