You will find below a list of our current solutions (not yet infinite in numbers, but we are working at it!):
  • RPA - RDA: Contextor solution is the European leader in the design and integration of innovative software solutions based on the performance of real-time increased interactions. It is a smart software that streamlines business processes, automates repetitive tasks, helps end-users focus on added value tasks, and allows them to be more efficient through next-best-action guidance


  • Digital Trust: the era of paperless digital economy that has been heralded for decades has not yet completely materialized, and one of the main factors that has been hampering its development has been the lack of trust in the digital documents. We are allowing you to store and exchange your inbound and outbound SAP documents with a probative legal value (digital signature and time-stamping) by using of our RAMA connector which establishes a bridge between SAP ArchiveLink and the STS API for secured and trusted archival and exchange (one of the best in the market).   


  • Business Intelligence: In today's very competitive market, organizations must be able to extract and disseminate accurate and timely information on which they can act. SAP Business Intelligence (BI) provides very efficient tools for accessing, analysing and publishing information in your company. Our very experienced consultants are able to implement a complete SAP BI solution in record time, and they will let you obtain the most of your SAP investment.  


  • HANA: obtaining and analysing the corporate information out of a maze of ever growing data volume and data sources is just one aspect of the present challenge, because it is useless if the aggregated data can only be presented several days after its production. In 2011 SAP released the SAP HANA appliance that employs several acceleration technologies,  including in-memory database, in order to perform analytical processing and aggregation on huge "big data" sources, directly in memory and in real- or near real-time. Our declared goal is to become the lead provider of SAP HANA implementations, using a dedicated team of experts and on original methodology based on "Design Thinking" to discover and clarify your use cases.


  • LVM: the SAP Landscape Virtualisation Management module automates your standard Basis Activities such as "client cloning", "client copy", … and it provides real-time tools for monitoring your SAP landscape. LVM is the royal road to reducing your Total Cost of Ownership.   


  • Enhanced Service Management: our long experience in service delivery allowed us to propose an Enhanced Service Model, stressing alignment between Business and IT strategies, continuous and proactive service improvement, guaranteed service quality and complete documentation of the service.