Agile Authorization Testing

Test roles in an Agile way and reduce the cost of your SAP Project

In all projects, testing is an essential step. Guaranteeing the flawless availability of a new application is the crowning glory of a quality project..  

But testing can quickly become a nightmare for testers. Have you ever been confronted with the multitude of authorization errors requiring the support of external teams? Certainly! And you have to admit that it can quickly become energy-consuming and delay your projects. It is therefore tempting to limit this testing phase to meet your deadlines or to assign too large roles for the go-live of the project.

All too often, testing is nowadays deferred to the users, who, in the course of the errors encountered, make it possible to make the required improvements. But at a cost. At the same time, corrections prolong the project, negatively impact the user in his work, and give a bad image of the project and the IT department as a whole.

Allowing your testers to perform each end-to-end functionality- or role test, and giving them at each authorization error the ability to make the necessary corrections themselves (without modifying the role under test) is a guarantee of delivering a fully tested application to your customers on time.

To do this, you need a tool to check your SAP authorizations and test processes.

ComplianceNow a support for your projects?

ComplianceNow's SAP Authorization Process Manager is designed to meet these challenges by making the testing process more efficient and reducing the cost of testing and the risk of project postponement due to authorizations errors. As a result, you avoid the frustration and waste of resources for authorization testing as well as the authorization issues and other obstacles you know all too well from your day-to-day work with SAP.

For the sake of simplicity ComplianceNow has developed a specific solution.
The "Authorization Process Manager" of ComplianceNow allows you to :

  • test the authorizations from end to end without interruption
  • Deal effectively with errors and eliminate project risks
  • Validate the modifications following the tests before commissioning.
  • Reduce role testing efforts by up to 75%.

You will find all the information on the following link and in our attached brochures

How can Infinite Solutions help you?

In addition of being the exclusive distributor of ComplianceNow solutions, Infinite Solutions has developed different service packages to support you in your various missions such as:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Health Check of your SAP system
  • Security parameters
  • SoD, Rule set
  • Data cleansing; Roles, Users, Licenses,…
  • Process implementation
  • Maintenance and support

We can help you configure ComplianceNow solutions as well as implement and manage testing processes.

Do not hesitate to contact us on for a presentation.