Infinite Solutions is a technologically oriented company offering a wide panel of services for the SAP platform, keeping in line with our vision and following SAP's trends and strategic orientation.

Our core business covers Business Intelligence, Database and Technology.

Analytics and Business Intelligence (BW/BO)

Business intelligence (BI) uses Analytical Processing (data mining, statistical analysis, …) to transform raw structured and non-structured data into  intelligible and meaningful information on which you can base your business strategies. It is based on the SAP Business Warehouse module (BW) and the SAP Business Object module (BO) .
To diminish as much as possible the delay between the time of data generation and the time at which it becomes available in completely analyzed form is now the key point in creating your competitive advantage. Infinite Solutions will help you discover and adopt the SAP HANA solution which allows real-time or near real-time analytical processing and aggregation on huge "big data" sources, directly in memory. 

Data Base & Technology

Our area of expertize covers a large set of SAP modules and technologies, among which our  strongest points are:  

Analytics – Business Intelligence (BW/BO)

Business Intelligence has the power to boost the productivity of your collaborators by letting them base their decisions on timely data. Furthermore, new technologies, such as "In Memory Processing" allow performing complex analytical processing in real-time. Our current main emphasis is on helping companies implement SAP BI in the most efficient way possible, by combining a strong technical expertise in SAP BW, SAP BO and the SAP HANA technology with a profound knowledge of the business processes in different industries (Utilities, Retail, Pharma, Chemical, …). We offer comprehensive services in the following domains:
  • Architecture Design.
  • Migration.
  • Real Time Analytics by implementing BO and BW scenarios of SAP HANA, thereby integrating the "In-Memory" technology.
  • General BI consultancy.

SAP Basis (and related) Services

Implementing a particular SAP Solution usually goes hand-in-hand with the need for installing, upgrading and maintaining SAP systems. With us at your side, you do not have to search for another supplier to deploy a complete project. For Rapid Deployment solutions and up to the most complex architecture, we have developed a strong team with great experience in SAP Basis related tasks. They can install, upgrade and manage your whole SAP landscape in the managed staffing or managed service model. When required, this can be performed in a near-shoring mode. Their combined expertize covers:  

  • SAP BC Design, Maintenance and Support.
  • Database Management
    • OSDB Migration (to DB2, HANA, Sybase, …)
    • DB Administration (Oracle, MS SQL Server, SyBase, DB2).
  • SAP Release Management.
  • SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN) Implementation.
  • SAP Upgrades (technical and functional).
  • SAP Installations for both the Unix/Linux and Windows platforms.
Due to the high quality and wide knowledge of our consultants, we are able to cover the deployment of several SAP solutions end-to-end.

SAP Integration

We recognized very early that an SAP application cannot live in isolation. It quite often has to communicate with several (sometimes third-party) applications. In addition, SAP transactional or non-structured data must be exchanged with business partners, BI results must usually be displayed in a portal and web front-end specific applications may consume SAP data. Our rather wide area of expertise allows us to covers:
  • SAP XI/PI Integration and SOA.
  • SAP ABAP development, including ABAP for SAP BW and SAP HANA.
  • Web front-end development in WebDynpro for ABAP.
  • SAP Portal Development, Administration, Maintenance and Support.
  • Integration of all kinds of external Java and .NET applications with SAP (Third Party Applications, Developments of Java and .NET Web Front Ends for SAP, Development of Connectors for SAP Archive, …). 
  • SAP Archiving.
Some of our senior consultants have such a wide technical knowledge that they can design, develop and maintain a complete integration chain end-to-end: from Java or .NET front-ends, to ABAP development and functional customisation in the main modules of SAP. This comes particularly handy when complex integration chains have to be developed on a shoestring budget.

SAP Security

IT security breaches represent a real and growing threat nowadays. Our specialized and certified consultants will help you safeguard your information assets by raising the awareness about security issues in your company, by establishing procedures (regarding people, processes, and technology) and by better managing the GRC processes. More precisely, this involves setting-up: 

  • Identity Management, with a fully auditable user access across your entire IT landscape, self-service tools and rules-driven workflows and approvals.
  • Single Sign On (SSO), to increase user productivity and reduce high administrative costs.
  • Access Control, via roles and authorisations.
  • Risk Management
  • SAP Solution Manager and Central User Administration (CUA).
  • SAP Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Functional SAP Consulting

The efficient and complete deployment of a solution implies to find a tight fit between technical and functional aspects. Our technical orientation does not mean that we neglect the functional aspects. Quite the contrary, we consider that the technique is just a tool to facilitate business transactions. In order to support the functional aspects, we rely on experienced functional consultants with more than 10 years of experience in diverse domains:

“Technology- Driven" Modules:
  • SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN): CHARM, Service Desk, …
  • SAP BI (BW/BO).
  • Real Time Analytics, …
“Business-Driven” Modules:
  • SAP MM, SD, BW.
  • SAP CRM, PM.
  • SAP FI, CO, HR.