Infinite Solutions is a technologically oriented company offering a wide panel of services for the SAP platform, keeping in line with our vision and following SAP's trends and strategic orientation.

Our core business covers Business Intelligence, Database and Technology.

Analytics and Business Intelligence (BW/BO)

Business intelligence (BI) uses Analytical Processing (data mining, statistical analysis, …) to transform raw structured and non-structured data into  intelligible and meaningful information on which you can base your business strategies. It is based on the SAP Business Warehouse module (BW) and the SAP Business Object module (BO) .
To diminish as much as possible the delay between the time of data generation and the time at which it becomes available in completely analyzed form is now the key point in creating your competitive advantage. Infinite Solutions will help you discover and adopt the SAP HANA solution which allows real-time or near real-time analytical processing and aggregation on huge "big data" sources, directly in memory. 

Data Base & Technology

Our area of expertize covers a large set of SAP modules and technologies, among which our  strongest points are: