Digital Trust

Use the Rama Connector for Trusted Archival and Secured Exchange of your SAP documents

In a digital economy, many of your unstructured SAP documents (pay slips,  tenders, contracts, invoices, …) may be required by law, or by your company governance policies, to be archived and eventually exchanged with a probative value.  This is made possible by the combination of the Rama Connector developed by Infinite Solutions (IS) and the SaaS Manager Platform for Digital Trust Services and Secured Exchanges developed by STS.
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The development was financed in part by the "Région de Bruxelles-Capitale"

The Rama Connector

The RAMA connector intercepts the request emitted by SAP ArchiveLink (containing in its body the document to be archived). It then extracts the archive and interfaces, via web services, with the STS API located in the cloud. 

  • Archives are enriched with as much metadata as the customer wishes. This allows very refined subsequent searches from the STS platform.
  • An error journal is created with detailed messages, which makes it easy to correct eventual problems.  
  • The asynchronous transactional response allows high transaction volumes without freezing SAP. The response is sent back to SAP synchronously, while the archival process is continued in batch mode. 
  • The connector is highly customizable through a web-enabled administration interface. 

The Trusted Chain

The STS platform insures a complete Trusted Chain for the documents issued by SAP systems:

  • Authentication, Encryption.
  • Audit trail, traceability.
  • Integrity check.
  • Digital signature, Time-stamping.
  • Signature and time-stamp verification by certification authority. 

Use Cases

The list of documents requiring a trusted chain is bound to be continuously growing with the increasing demands of secured digital transmission, legal audits and governance policies. We present here some of the main use cases that are already encountered today in many companies:

  • Pay Slips generated by SAP HR are conserved for decades in a secure storage vault, wherefrom your employees must be able to download them.
  • SAP-produced contracts are digitally signed, time-stamped with a certificate provided by a trusted certification authority and sent to B2B partners. 
  • Inbound vendor invoices are time-stamped and archived for auditing purposes and should be searchable from a SaaS platform on various metadata.
  • Specific audit files generated by the SAP DART tool require trusted archival, consultation by auditors and employees alike, according to well-defined rights defined on the SAP platform. 
  • On-demand transmission (exchange) of signed documents to all sorts of partners (employees, customers (B2C), companies (B2B), administrations, ...) may be required.

Customer Benefits

The benefits result from the combination of a digital chain combined with a SaaS platform :

  • Immediate cost reduction, less paper, less manual treatments.
  • Productivity gains and time savings. 
  • All cost advantages of a SaaS offer: very little investment, usage-related payment.
  • Fast installation and customization.
  • User rights management.
  • Complete administration interface for customization and monitoring. 


Our trusted digital chain allows two scenarios for inbound and outbound documents: