Digital Archiving


Scenario 1: Trusted Archival

All documents sent through SAP ArchiveLink ❶ can be handled by the Rama connector ❷, be it outbound documents ❸, or fiscal flows produced via the DART tool ❹, or inbound documents ❺.  The connector intercepts the request and enriches the archive with meta-data extracted from SAP ❻, then signs it with a certificate ❼ provided by a certification authority (CA) ❽. The signature can also be time-stamped. The document, the meta-data, the signature and the time-stamp token are merged in a single XML structure which is transmitted to STS's SaaS Manager ❾ platform  in order to add the probative legal value: 
❿ The signature and time-stamp can be checked by the CA, via the Proof Server.
  • Secured archival is provided by the Digital Vault service. The archive can be stored in any form of long-term storage  (Worm, San, Nas, …) through HAL (the Hardware Abstraction Layer).
  • A web-enabled admin tool allows searching on archive metadata, managing parameters and consulting Journals.
  • Archives can also be viewed from SAP.