Enhanced Service Management

Along the way Infinite Solutions acquired a great deal of experience in service delivery that led to the formulation and implementation of an Enhanced Service Management model based on its extensive experience 

The implementation strategy, like the Enhanced Service Management Model, was designed to confer a series of advantages to the customer:
  • Easier service management,
  • A strong organisational structure,
  • A clear vision of the service evolution,
  • Alignment with IT & Business’ strategy,
  • A pre-defined quality of service, based on a guarantee of results and a controlled implementation,
  • A guaranteed reduction of direct and indirect costs,
  • Optimal communication with IT's management.
Our Enhanced Service Management model, has been adapted to answer the specific demands of customer.
  • Strategy & roadmap,
  • Flexibility to adapt to the customer's evolutions,
  • Service Delivery & Customer Satisfaction,
  • Service level & prices,
  • Reversibility of structure changes,
  • Delivery quality and proactivity,
  • Contract & relationship,
  • ...

Alignment with IT & Business’s strategy

Our service organisation will be articulated around the (consolidated) operation mode, respecting the governance rules of the customer. It should not only address the current needs, but it must also be able to adapt to the future evolution. The organisation is designed along an "agile" concept.
  • A modular structure that can be decomposed and recomposed easily to align with the evolving strategy of the company. 
  • A great adaptability to changing needs and constraints expressed by customer.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the customer's evolutions
  • Reversibility of structure changes.

Continuous service improvement

This is a role fulfilled by our organisation, to guarantee the respect of the SLA to the end user, for example by watching KPI’s. But we will also take pro-active actions such as deciding on major orientation changes tending to increase the benefits in terms of Service Level and financial return, evaluating recurring problems, searching ideas for productivity gain.  
  • Recommendations (proactive analysis),
  • Improvement plan,
  • Service Delivery & Customer Satisfaction,
  • Service level & prices,
  • Contract & relationship,

Quality Insurance

The second leg of our service consolidation, namely continuous quality improvement, rests on four pilars:
  • A precise, complete and effective documentation called the "Golden Book", regularly updated and validated.
  • Compliance with internal governance rules.
  • A very efficient management of the resources at our disposal.
  • The regular support from internal experts at Infinite Solutions.
This is summarised in the picture below.