Contextor is the European leader in the design and integration of innovative software solutions based on the performance of real-time increased interactions. Contextor is a smart software that streamlines business processes, automates repetitive tasks, helps end-users focus on added value tasks, and allows them to be more efficient through next-best-action guidance.

Our partnership is based on an obvious complementarity: Contextor has developed the application and Infinite Solutions offers the services around it. Our common objective being to guarantee the best possible solution with a perfect fit to the customer's requirements. 


RPA and RDA :

RPA is the new buzz word in the industry, but few really understand that the quick-win is RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation), allowing industries to unleash their full potential.

RDA is considered as the 4th industrial revolution in the business industry, and the success will be determined based on how efficiently is RDA adopted.

RDA is also a reveler of poor process performance: speeding an inefficient task will not make it better, it will just make it faster. This is why we always deeply analyze existing processes and improve them before implementing RDA.

RDA has, therefore, a double impact on unleashing true performance.


RPA is a solution that delivers very fast high process efficiency, costs reductions and let your agents focus on delivering a high-end customer experience.

Automate business processes in order to reduce costs, accelerate productivity and decrease errors.

Robotic Process Automation helps your organization to work “productive minded” by fully automating manual and repetitive tasks .


Contextor supports BOTH solutions, Robotic Process Automation and Robotic Desktop Automation


Robotic Desktop Automation


Robotic Process Automation





Robotic Desktop Automation Robotic Process Automation
  • Low cost
  • No special infrastructure
  • Quick win
  • Fast Implementation
  • Multiple applications
  • Automation of multiple processes in a single project
  • Non App Invasive
  • Medium cost
  • Server needed
  • Stability
  • Non-disruptive
  • IT requirement
  • Non App invasive

RDA optimizes the way employees work by simplifying, automating and integrating the technologies and processes on the desktop. Using Robotic Desktop Automation, organizations can deliver faster, more seamless transactions that accelerate employee productivity and reduce customer effort while increasing operational efficiencies.



If your answer is yes to those questions, then you need RDA

  • Do you have well-defined processes?
  • Processes which does not require analytical thinking? 
  • Processes with repetitive steps? 
  • Processes with data entry need?
  • Data scrubbing and reporting?
  • Do you want to scale efficiently and decrease costs?