"Realtime analytics for the utilities", new date on 21st of November 2013!


Welcome to our event « REALTIME ANALYTICS FOR THE UTILITIES » which will be held on November 21st 2013, at the Diamant Brussels Conference & Business Center, Bd. A. Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussels

If you intend to come, could you please send your reservation by filling in the form on this page.

This evening will allow you to:

  • Meet key-players in the utilities market.
  • Get in touch with the vendors of the SAP HANA technology (Cisco, Fujitsu and IBM).
  • Learn about concrete cases of proven and successful implementations in the utilities sector, resulting from the early adoption of the SAP HANA technology.
  • Discover how to differentiate yourself and become a potential market leader through the help of this technology.  

In collaboration with Cisco, Fujitsu and IBM, we are proposing:

  • A presentation of the value proposition of the SAP HANA appliance vendors: Cisco, Fujitsu and IBM.
  • A presentation by SAP of their "Real Time Data Platform" for the current utilities market in Belgium.
  • Key testimonials: leading actors in the utilities' market will share their experience – the way it should be implemented, what should be done … or not done, the roadmap, etc…
  • Infinite Solutions will then tell you about their approach and methodology of implementation, and what benefits SAP HANA can bring to your company.