Our exclusive Partnership with ComplianceNow

Press Release

Partnership between Infinite Solutions S.A. and ComplianceNow

Infinite Solutions and ComplianceNow is announcing an exclusive partnership for Belgium and Luxemburg.

“The aim of this exclusive partnership is to help companies running SAP to become compliant in an easy and affordable way. Through this strategic partnership, we want to build a strong relationship with our customers to help them achieve their goals and make ComplianceNow become the leader in SAP compliance solutions“ says Richard Louvet, Executive Partner of Infinite Solutions.

At Infinite Solution, working at the heart of our client's SAP projects, we are aware of the difficulties they face in achieving and maintaining the required levels of compliance within a reasonable budget and with a defined recurring process.

In ComplianceNow we have found a perfect answer to this problem. This complete smart tool combines process alignment, increased transparency and the automation of expensive manual processes at a very competitive price.

As a proven and trusted partner in the Benelux region, Infinite Solutions will along with the focus on ComplianceNow also offer various SAP compliance packages and services to help organizations achieve and maintain the right compliance level. 

Ole Sølvsten, Managing Director of ComplianceNow adds “We have spent a decade to develop and perfect our product suite while implementing at a growing range of customers in EU as well as internationally. The partnership with Infinite Solutions brings us into new interesting markets with great potential for delivering ComplianceNow in the Benelux region supported by a local strong partner.”

About Infinite Solutions

Infinite Solutions is a Belgian consulting company that has been helping from small to large organizations manage, implement and maintain their SAP projects since 2004. Partnering our expertise with ComplianceNow, we can help our customers to automate SOD controls, solve licensing issues, improve the Internal Control Framework, Authorization Testing, and much more…

About ComplianceNow

ComplianceNow is a specialized, innovative product suite providing high-end SAP compliance solutions to customers in 10+ countries including the US. The over-arching mission is to improve the productivity, efficiency, and transparency of compliance processes in companies and organizations running SAP. ComplianceNow is part of Nagarro Allgeier ES, an innovation-driven full-service SAP provider for critical enterprise applications and complex ERP landscapes.