Besides our short- or mid-term objectives we see the company as a member of a larger community. We feel a responsibility for the general well-being and we believe that only through the implementation of some well-chosen technologies will the world be able to insure comfort and happiness while safeguarding the environment. 

Caring for resources

We want to actively contribute to the conservation efforts in our own way, for example by implementing mobile solutions reducing the need for transportation. We also very actively contribute to the development of the 100% digital paperless processes. We have invested much internally in the development of an application for secure electronic data archival and exchange. It will help companies adopt electronic commerce and so will contribute to the fully digital economy.

Recognising our social responsibility.

We hire without discrimination with regards to sex and/or origin, and our selection is based on social and technical aptitudes only. We are ready to give chances to all conventional and unconventional profiles.