Our main values are "Ethics, Excellence and Exchange".


Our first company value is "ethics". It shapes the very foundation of our culture and motivates all management decisions. With our customers, partners and sub-contractors we strive to be fair during negociations, we abide by the law very strictly and we respect our contractual engagements whatever the costs. We believe that this has become one of the landmarks of our company, that it is being appreciated and that it will pay in the long run. We try to infuse these ethical values to our employees and an important criterium for selecting our partners is that they share the same value. 


Our collaborators and their extensive knowledge constitute our main asset. We recognize that being a consultant is no ordinary job and so we search collaborators with some ingrained character traits such as a striving for excellence, a thirst for knowledge, a deep sense of commitment, an innovative spirit and a willingness to exceed expectations. We try to spread this spirit without any negative pressure. Instead, it is our responsibility to create an environment in which those qualities can naturally blossom. This is why, whatever the external economic conditions, we continue to invest massively in trainings. A sure sign of it is the fact that 70 % of our workforce is certified. Trainings are oriented towards the very latest technologies and trends that affect our client's capacity to adapt to change. As a result, our expertize has been recognized very soon by SAP, and we became its partner only two years after the foundation of the company. But excellence can only be achieved in a positive state of mind. This is why we try to provide provide a friendly and relaxed work environment, with numerous occasions for direct informal contact with the staff (family day, social events, activities,..).


It is deeply satisfying to work in an environment where information is freely exchanged between juniors and seniors, when experts in different domains combine their experience to solve a challenging problem. As a matter of policy we also actively encourage our consultants to share their knowledge with customers. Not only is the work much more fun this way, but it is also much more efficient.