The SAP HANA solution


In 2011 SAP released the SAP HANA appliance combining several acceleration technologies such as in-memory database, column-based storage and queries, data compression and parallel processing. The goal is to transform the way data management is usually envisioned by allowing analytical processing and aggregation on huge "big data" sources (up to 100 terabytes), directly in memory. 
At Infinite Solutions we have fully embraced this ground-breaking technology because we firmly believe in its potential. It makes forecasting, planning, analysis and simulation possible in real- or near real-time and will radically transform the way companies execute business strategies. 
Working in close collaboration with SAP, we have built a team of experts to help you implement your Real Time Data platform (RTD). With the vast array of possible business scenarios and technical implementations, you really need dedicated expertise in several fields to let you achieve your true potential. Due to HANA's peculiarities, this service goes much further than the usual consulting, for HANA is not just another tool for acceleration. It pushes the limits of technology so far that it is not possible to imagine now all the possible business cases that it will be able to cover in the future. And this is where the value proposition of Infinite Solutions comes in. We have developed an original methodology to identify the business cases in collaboration with our customers. The Infinite Solutions Real Time Data Platform Implementation Methodology follows the Design Thinking process. A team made of a Business Expert, a Design Thinker and a Technology Expert defines an implementation roadmap with the Business and IT experts of our customers.
This approach allows us to cover the whole path from the identification of the business cases to their implementation (architecture definition, technical installation and functional implementation) without subcontracting any step! Our current experience in the domain has allowed us to be recognized by SAP as “SAP-validated expertise in "In-Memory Computing", in Belgium.
The expertise of our SAP technology specialists has been confirmed by several certifications in different domains: SAP HANA Installation and Administration, SAP HANA Implementation and Modelling, Data Migration on HANA, Optimized Development on HANA and so on.
One important principle guiding the development of SAP HANA was that it should remain independent of the underlying hardware, allowing the main vendors to propose their own implementation. We completely agree with the philosophy that the customer should be free to choose his hardware supplier, and hence we have started common commercial projects with all the main manufacturers.